Tony’s Before & After Gallery

Tony came to Dr. Engelberg from Hoffman Estates, Illinois with concerns about his dental health, including his front teeth.  Years ago, Tony had sustained trauma to his front teeth, causing weakened teeth that were continuously being repaired and replaced.  Eventually, the teeth were bonded together with two unattractive crowns that were splinted to each other.  This caused gum irritation for Tony, and was not an optimum long-term solution for his teeth.  Dr. Engelberg redesigned the restorations with a renowned ceramist, and you can see the results in both Tony’s video testimonial and before and after photographs.  The treatment was laser gum reshaping, professional teeth whitening, two porcelain crowns, and two porcelain veneers.  After seeing the results, Tony was very happy, and even years later he receives compliments on his smile.



Tony’s Showcase