Maricor’s Before & After Gallery

Maricor came to Dr. Engelberg from Buffalo Grove, Illinois with concerns about her front teeth. After years of bulky monochromatic bonding on her front teeth and an unappealing dental crown, she wanted to have a cosmetic dentist treat the four front teeth—and Dr. Engelberg did just that. Maricor’s relatives are dentists, however she wanted a cosmetic result on her front teeth, and chose to have her relatives treat her back teeth only, while Dr. Engelberg treated her front teeth for a cosmetic result. The gums were reshaped by Dr. Engelberg using a laser. Next, Dr. Engelberg placed two porcelain crowns and two porcelain veneers, and adjusted Maricor’s bite. The results are beautiful teeth, and this appreciative even posed for her photos with her new baby on the way—congratulations in advance, Maricor!



Maricor’s Showcase