Lisa’s Before & After Gallery

Lisa was a patient in Dr. Engelberg’s dental practice who struggled with worn and chipping anterior teeth. After years of bonding and bite adjustments did not please Lisa’s cosmetic and functional desires, this Arlington Heights, Illinois patient elected to have Dr. Engelberg place veneers. Lisa had professional teeth whitening, laser gum re-contouring, and eight porcelain veneers placed. In this case, Lisa initially had a slightly gummy smile, and this was very much corrected with the laser gum treatment by Dr. Engelberg. This case was so successful, that the manufacturer of the porcelain system that was used by Dr. Engelberg and his ceramist, Brad Jones, used Lisa’s photos in a national advertising campaign for their IPS e.max system (Ivoclar)! In addition, Lisa was married shortly after this procedure was completed, and the veneers very much enhanced the wedding photos of this beautiful young woman.



Lisa’s Showcase