Joanna’s Before & After Gallery

Joanna came to Dr. Engelberg from Arlington Heights, Illinois to update her outdated and esthetically unappealing dentistry.  After receiving some dentistry in Poland, and additional dentistry in the United States, Joanna’s front teeth did not match her beautiful look, and she wanted to improve her look with cosmetic dentistry.  To make her dental visits more comfortable, Dr. Engelberg is able to speak some Polish (to a very small degree), and his dental assistants are Polish as well.  Dr. Engelberg used a laser to reshape her gum tissue, and placed a combination of nine porcelain crowns and two porcelain veneers.  In addition, the bite was adjusted (equilibrated) so that the function was more ideal.  As you can see, the advanced ceramic restorations Dr. Engelberg was able to create for Joanna really complete her look—and she is an avid skier!



Joanna’s Showcase