Judy G’s Before & After Galley

Judy came to Dr. Engelberg from Long Grove, Illinois for cosmetic dentistry after breaking her front tooth.  This was a cosmetic emergency, as Judy is in the public eye each day as a successful real estate agent in the Chicago suburbs.  Judy called Dr. Engelberg very worried about the fractured tooth, as she wanted a great result, but did not want to wait with the broken front tooth showing–therefore the treatment was started immediately.  The treatment consisted of a combination of light laser gum contouring, two porcelain veneers, and a bite adjustment (equilibration) in order to protect the front teeth from falling victim to additional fractures in the future.  Her front teeth are now restored and looking natural–much to Judy’s delight!  Much like her clients who trust Judy with their homes, Judy’s reaction to the appearance of her teeth was, “sold!”  First examine the photographs of this great cosmetic result, and then hear what Judy thinks of her completed restored smile!