Mimi’s Before & After Gallery

Mimi traveled from Deerfield, Illinois to Dr. Engelberg with the desire to replace her old veneers and crowns with updated dentistry that met today’s cosmetic ideals. As you can see in the before photos, the old restorations appeared stained, bulky, chipped, cracked, and were poorly colored. Mimi was very excited to have beautiful porcelain restorations that would stand the test of time and look perfect within the framework of her lips. In addition, it was important to Mimi that she have temporary veneers, and Dr. Engelberg was delighted to oblige, as part of the diagnostic and treatment process for Dr. Engelberg is accurate and esthetic provisional (temporary) veneers. The treatment was ten porcelain crowns and veneers to start on the top teeth, and the results speak for themselves! Please enjoy the photos and Mimi’s video testimonial.



Mimi’s Showcase