Dentures (Full & Partial)

content-denturesTooth Replacement in the Chicago Area

Missing teeth impair your daily functioning, whether you are lacking a single tooth or all of your teeth. Not only do missing teeth mar your appearance, but they also create difficulties with eating and speaking properly. If you cannot bite and chew certain foods, you may develop malnutrition or other health problems. If you cannot speak properly or are embarrassed to socialize because of your missing teeth, you may isolate yourself and become depressed. Dr. Engelberg offers effective and affordable options for tooth replacement in the form of full or partial dentures to help restore your quality of life.

Full Dentures

Also known as complete dentures, full dentures are used when all of your upper or lower teeth are missing. Made of an acrylic resin base and either porcelain or resin teeth, a full denture completely covers the dental arch. You can lay your fears about ill-fitting dentures to rest, as Dr. Engelberg stays abreast of all the latest techniques in creating dentures that fit snugly and stay in place. With a precise fit and the use of natural suction, your dentures will stay secure, allowing you the freedom to eat what you want and socialize with confidence.

Partial Dentures

If some of your natural teeth are still intact, you are a candidate for a partial denture. Partial dentures consist of an acrylic base, onto which one or more replacement teeth are affixed. A partial stays in place by attaching to some of your natural teeth with clasps or precision attachments, providing the security you need to proudly show off your smile, eat your favorite foods, and speak without fear of your dentures slipping.

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