Mark’s Before & After Gallery

Mark came to Dr. Engelberg’s cosmetic dental practice from Palatine, Illinois, after several consultations with other cosmetic dentists. Mark is a very detailed individual who knew what he wanted, and understood that if his natural teeth had been worn down by parafunction (bruxism or grinding) over the years, that improperly designed dental work would also quickly fail. This is an example of a cosmetic and functional full mouth rehabilitation by Dr. Engelberg using state of the art diagnostic and restorative equipment and materials. It is imperative that a dentist understands function in this type of case, even before the cosmetic considerations are accounted for. If you look at Mark’s teeth before and after treatment, you will see that the worn tooth structure has been replaced, and the function of the bite has been restored. A very natural yet cosmetic result is achieved by Dr. Engelberg and his ceramist, Brad Jones, in this complex case. Please enjoy the video testimonial from Mark!



Mark’s Showcase