Adam’s Before & After Gallery

Adam came to Dr. Engelberg from Northbrook, Illinois to esthetically treat his tooth decay that progressed throughout his orthodontic treatment.  A pediatric dentist referred Adam for comprehensive care and to improve Adam’s bite at the same time as restoring the decayed teeth.  Dr. Engelberg utilized a soft tissue laser to even out the gum line areas, and placed eight porcelain veneers on Adam’s front teeth.  Thorough hygiene instructions were given to ensure that the treatment and resulting restorations would stand the test of time.  The veneers appear long in the retracted photos; however it can be noted that in the initial photos, Adam’s teeth were too short, and were not visible when he smiled, nor were hit teeth and bite correctly positioned.  After the treatment an appropriate amount of tooth display is present, and Adam’s bite has been corrected—a combination of excellent cosmetic clinical and functional results from the veneers by Dr. Engelberg.



Adam’s Showcase