Judy’s Before & After Gallery

Judy is a very kind dental patient from Buffalo, Grove, Illinois who was dissatisfied with her previous cosmetic dental work on her front teeth. Dr. Engelberg works closely with a network of dental specialists, and in this case a periodontist (gum specialist) was utilized to work as a team to complete this cosmetic case for Judy. Initially, the surgeon performed crown lengthening to raise the gumline according to Dr. Engelberg and Judy’s specific requests. This removed much of the gummy smile that Judy had been experiencing, as well as allowed for healthy gums around the new dental work. As you can see, around the previous dental work, the gums were substantially irritated—this is called a violation of “biologic width,” and led to the chronic inflammation around Judy’s front two teeth. Dr. Engelberg then adjusted the bite and prepared and seated five porcelain veneers and three porcelain crowns that blended in seamlessly with Judy’s gumline and look completely natural. Listen to Judy’s video explanation for more information and to see how she feels about the results of her custom smile design!



Judy’s Showcase