Dental Bridges

content-bridgesMissing Teeth Must be Replaced

Do you hide your smile or avoid social situations all together because of your missing teeth? Replacing lost teeth is vital to restore your confidence and help you function optimally in the world. However, aesthetics isn’t the only concern when it comes to replacement of missing teeth. The gap left behind causes your remaining teeth to shift out of place in an attempt to compensate for the missing tooth. If this shifting is allowed to happen, your teeth will not only become crooked, but they will also experience excessive wear in some areas. Tooth misalignment and uneven distribution of chewing forces can even lead to bruxism and TMJ dysfunction, which can cause chronic pain in the jaws, face, and head. Replacing missing teeth is imperative if you want to avoid such potentially life-altering problems.

Dental Bridge Placement in Arlington Heights

Dr. Engelberg can replace a single missing tooth or several adjacent teeth with a crown and bridge system. Your fixed bridge consists of two parts: the bridge, which can be a single porcelain tooth or several replacement teeth that are connected, and dental crowns that are placed on the teeth surrounding the gap, also known as abutment teeth. Dr. Engelberg and his skilled lab technicians will design both your bridge and your crowns to match your natural teeth in color, shape, and size. He will first place the porcelain crowns on your abutment teeth, and then he will insert your bridge into the space between them, anchoring it in place by cementing it to your new crowns. Your bridge will remain solidly in place, restoring both tooth function and your appearance.

Caring for Your Dental Bridge

Because your bridge is attached to your natural teeth, you will clean it in much the same way as your other teeth. Brush all tooth surfaces and along the gum line twice a day, and floss between teeth, including your crowns, at least once a day. As your bridge rests on top of the gum tissue, food debris and bacteria may collect in the small space between the bridge and gums. Dr. Engelberg or his hygienist can instruct you on how to use special small brushes or thread dental floss into this space for cleaning.

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