Claudia’s Before & After Gallery

Claudia came to Dr. Engelberg from Elk Grove, Illinois to treat her upper teeth. After years of dentistry that she was unsatisfied with for functional, cosmetic, and quality reasons, she wanted options for restorative dentistry. Dr. Engelberg advised laser gum reshaping, seven porcelain crowns, one bonded post and core (in a root canal tooth), one three-unit porcelain bridge, as well as a bruxism appliance. The bridge was after discussion of a dental implant was stalled due to Claudia’s preferences as well as the limited bone in the missing tooth area. Dr. Engelberg and his ceramist designed the bridge to blend into the gum tissue so that it looks completely natural—can you tell which tooth is missing? In addition, the bruxism appliance would be used to protect the bridge and Claudia’s restored and natural teeth from nighttime grinding. As you can see, the results were fantastic in this complex case, and Claudia is very pleased with the result!



Claudia’s Showcase