Kim’s Before & After Gallery

Kim came to Dr. Engelberg from Hoffman Estates, Illinois for an interdisciplinary dental treatment plan.  In complex cases such as Kim’s, the results can be highly esthetic yet conservative if specific protocols are followed.  In this case, Kim’s upper primary canines (baby teeth) were still in her mouth, as her upper adult canines never came in.  Dr. Engelberg’s philosophy of occlusion (the bite and its function) is often based in large part of the function of the adult canine teeth.  As Kim wanted a cosmetic result, the decision was made to use adult orthodontics (adult braces) to setup ideal spacing for dental implants to be placed in the canine positions.  With a great team of Dr. Engelberg, a talented orthodontist, periodontist, and lab technician, Kim’s expectations were far exceeded.  The case results speak for themselves, and Kim has a beautiful and functional smile that she will be proud of for years to come!  Can you tell which teeth are implants?



Kim’s Showcase