Mariola’s Before & After Gallery

Mariola came to cosmetic dentist Dr. Engelberg from Schaumburg, Illinois, for an upper arch rehabilitation. Mariola presented with bulky dental bonding, a gummy smile, leaking dental restorations, tooth decay, and missing teeth. Dr. Engelberg is an expert in comprehensive care, even in complex instances—such as this case. Dr. Engelberg and Mariola agreed to initially treat the upper arch with a plan of provisional restorations (temporary crowns and veneers) so dental implants could easily be placed. In addition, gum surgery was performed to lengthen the teeth by lifting the gums with a procedure known as periodontal plastic surgery(crown lengthething). Once the proper time for the pre-prosthetic procedures to settle in was complete, Dr. Engelberg placed the final dental restorations, all of which were cosmetic and natural in appearance: porcelain veneers, porcelain bridges, and porcelain implant crowns. Note how different the before and after photos are for this lovely patient—something that can only happen with the proper planning and attention to detail of a dentist like Dr. Engelberg.



Mariola’s Showcase