Dental Insurance

Many of our patients have dental insurance, which vastly differs from medical insurance. We will submit to your dental insurance carrier for you at every visit. The portion that is not covered is, of course, your responsibility. We are not in network with any insurance companies for several reasons; however we absolutely work with all dental insurance companies to maximize your benefits.

If you are fortunate enough to have dental insurance, it is best to think of dental insurance as a benefit to you that covers your care up to a specific yearly maximum. The yearly maximum differs from plan to plan, however the standard coverage is typically $1,000 per year. In this most common situation, if a patient requires treatment totaling $2,500, payment arrangements would simply be made for the remaining $1,500 balance.

Financing Options

CareCredit_logoWhether you have dental insurance or not, many services are just not completely covered. The good news is that our practice offers several payment options should you need treatment in excess of your yearly insurance maximum! Our financial coordinator is excellent at making virtually any treatment affordable for you.

You are welcome to select from these options and more—financing through our practice, a line of credit through Care Credit, or payment arrangements using a combination of methods (insurance, financing, and payment plans). Some patients pay in full at the start of treatment, while others select payment plans that extend for over 5 years—the point is that we feel it is essential that you have affordability options.

Affordable Dental Treatment

Many patients who want comprehensive and cosmetic care need financing options to help meet their treatment goals. This means that an important aspect of Dr. Engelberg’s practice is that every patient is able to achieve the results they want within a budget that is realistic for them. We are very upfront and honest about our fees—treatment cost is a reality that we make every effort to make as pleasant as possible.

You should never have to compromise the treatment outcome for cost—and we promise to help you in this endeavor. Our financial coordinator will happily work with you at your first appointment to facilitate turning what you want into a reality in an affordable way. Please call our office today at (847) 259-8030 and we will be happy to help you exceed your expectations!