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Smiles Remain Important as we Age

What do you think is the first impression you make on new people? Perhaps someone notices your beautiful eyes, or your gorgeous, silky hair. Maybe people are taken with the fact that you’re so tall, or that your skin is flawless. Unfortunately, if someone smiles at you, and you smile back with a broken, damaged,… Read more »

Preparing with Dental Emergency Tips

Dental emergencies, such as injuries to the teeth or gums, should never be ignored. Allowing too much time to pass in an emergency could result in permanent tooth damage and a need for much more extensive treatment in the future. Skokie cosmetic dentist, Dr. Brent Engelberg, can help with certain emergent services, though it’s always a… Read more »

Are you Ready for a Dental Emergency?

Accidents happen, and sometimes they result in injuries. The part of your body which is injured can be a part of the decision of what to do about your situation. Extreme injuries to your teeth and gums are not something that should be simply watched. However, they may not be appropriate for the regular ER,… Read more »

Second Opinions on Cosmetic Dental Work?

You don’t have to trust someone just because they are a medical professional. Second opinions are your right. If you don’t feel comfortable with the treatment plan a dentist offers you for your necessary dental work, it’s fair enough that you might want to see if another reputable dentist concurs. If you are not feeling… Read more »