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Dental Implant Denture FAQs

It’s hard for a dentist not to get excited about something like dental implants. When patients complain about issues caused by missing teeth, dental implants answer to most (if not all) of the issues. Sure, there might be more of a financial commitment upfront. However, the quality and amount of time dental implants will last,… Read more »

Summer Treats which Won’t Stain Smiles

Summer vacation is here, which means if you have kids, they are home a lot more. This may also mean that they are eating more meals and snacks at home, giving you the opportunity to manage their nutrition a bit more. Take advantage of this opportunity, and not only do you stand to help your… Read more »

Pleasant Experiences from Technologically Advanced Dental Offices

Technology is everywhere. You can’t go out to a restaurant, shopping, or anywhere in public anymore without seeing someone tapping away on their smartphone to the left of you, or sliding their finger across a tablet to the right of you. We entertain and inform ourselves through the use of technological advances. However, there are… Read more »

Damaging Teeth by Biting your Nails

There are many bad habits out there. Some are conscious, and others become something we do without even thinking about it. There are reasons that a habit might help you cope. However, you have to examine whether or not your habits are helping or hurting you. Are you a nail biter? Most people focus on… Read more »