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Which Treatment Will Best Address Gum Disease?

On Tuesday, we looked at the causes of gum disease and the risk factors patients should be aware of. In today’s blog, we’re going to move into how we actually treat gum disease. We have multiple options, including scaling and root planing, as well as laser surgery, to address the issue and improve your oral… Read more »

How Do You Recognize Gum Disease?

Without treatment, periodontal disease can grow more severe until patients develop the advanced stage, known as periodontitis. At this stage, the tissue between the teeth and gums can dissolve, leading to a greater risk of adult tooth loss. However, this doesn’t have to happen. By recognizing the early warning signs and practicing good homecare, you… Read more »

Is Sleep Apnea The Source Of Your Exhaustion?

Do you often feel tired during the day? Do you start to feel drowsy behind the wheel? Often, a sleep disorder can lead to the onset of exhaustion and a number of other issues. Fortunately, we can diagnose and treat sleep apnea.

5 Ways To Fight Bad Breath

What could be more embarrassing than bad breath? Also known as halitosis, this issue can be a major hindrance to your social life. Don’t let this issue have a negative impact on your quality of life, especially since routine homecare can often help you enjoy fresher breath. There are a number of ways you fight… Read more »