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What Can I Do To Stop Bad Breath?

Next week, many of us will be joining gatherings of our friends and families. In addition to looking our best, we also want to be free of halitosis. What can you do to stop bad breath? With the right steps, you can enjoy improved oral health, as well as fresher breath.

What Do You Know About Cavities?

Dental cavities are a common oral health concern and one that impacts nearly every one of us at some point in our lives. However, that doesn’t mean this isn’t a serious concern, one that if ignored could eventually lead to an infected or lost tooth. What do you know about cavities?

How Do You Address Gum Disease?

On Tuesday, we looked at gingivitis. Also known as inflammation, gingivitis can eventually lead to the onset of gum disease unless treated. However, should you develop periodontal disease, how do we treat it? We can provide an array of treatment options to successfully manage your periodontal issues and protect you from serious complications, such as… Read more »

What Is Gingivitis?

Have you ever heard your dentist talk about gingivitis or heard commercials bragging about a mouthwashes ability to rid your smile of it? Well, knowing what this common oral health issues is (as well what you can to avoid it) is crucial for keeping your smile whole and healthy.