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The Beauty of Healthy Tooth Enamel

Most people are familiar with the term “tooth enamel,” but do you know its importance to your smile’s wellbeing, or how to preserve your tooth enamel to protect your teeth from decay? Your dental hygiene is vital to keeping your smile healthy and disease-free, but not you might not realize that its effectiveness lies in… Read more »

The Sounds of Dental Health

A Japanese research team made a fascinating recent discovery when focusing on oral hygiene effectiveness. How satisfied you are with the brushing job you do may hinge upon the auditory experience you have of the bristles rubbing against your teeth. As bristles scrub away, what you hear not only determines how hard and how long… Read more »

Dental History over the Ages

Are you ready for a little history lesson? Okay – maybe you’re thinking, “I didn’t come here for a boring lecture.” Of course, when history is looked at from the right angle, it’s far from boring. Even dental history can have fascinating details. Along the way, comfort, sedation, and incredible cosmetic innovations have made smiling… Read more »

American Heart Association Refutes Link Between Gum and Heart Disease

A relationship between gum disease and heart health has been studied for over a century. Most doctors and dentists have validated the concept of oral-systemic health, particularly focusing on the gums as a gateway to heart disease. The American Heart Association (AHA) has gone on record in refuting the theory that periodontal disease (gum disease)… Read more »