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Seeking a Cosmetic Dentistry Consultation?

A dentist worth having you as a patient will always aims to provide a pleasant and comfortable experience for all of his or her patients. When you think of your dental health, your mind may go to the functionality of your teeth, while a cosmetically perfect smile may seem like a pipe dream. However, a… Read more »

What Makes Teeth Crooked?

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you may already know all about Invisalign. This fast and inconspicuous orthodontic procedure is offered to patients from Lincolnshire cosmetic dentist, Dr. Brent Engelberg. If you do have a crooked grin, you may have found yourself wondering why some people are born with crooked teeth, and… Read more »

Dental Trend or Dental Disaster?

How far are you willing to go to be a part of a trend? Or, on the other hand, how far would you go to buck trends and look different? When you see someone with a face literally full of piercings, and a body covered with tattoos, do you thing “ouch!” or “awesome!?” Self expression… Read more »

Prevent Chapped Lips for a Beautiful Smiles

Inside your mouth, you have many teeth, a tongue, gum tissues, gingival tissues lining inner cheeks and the roof of your mouth, and a healthy flow of saliva. Outside your mouth are those things we call lips, and they are a part of your oral health as well. When you are examined by a dentist… Read more »