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Dr. Mullarkey’s Volunteer Trip In Africa

Dr. Jennifer Mullarkey recently returned from a trip to southeast Africa to help create a dental volunteer program. Dr. Mullarkey accomplished so much during this trip, bringing vital dental care to patients in need and assessing the need for dentistry in Malawi communities. She brought the same level of care and attention to patients thousands… Read more »

Supplement Teeth Whitening in a Delicious Way

The foods and beverages which cause stains to develop on teeth are somewhat obvious. Darkly pigmented consumables are, for the most part, the usual suspects. Wine, coffee, tea, and berries are good examples. An exception would be strawberries. Would you believe that some people find that the popular red berry actually brightens teeth a shade… Read more »

So Many Reasons to Smile

Your cosmetic dental options are plentiful, and available from Glencoe cosmetic dentist, Dr. Brent A. Engelberg. If you live your life with a smile you are unhappy with, many aspects of your quality of life are likely to suffer. To enhance various aspects of your health, you should understand the importance of smiling. And if you don’t feel… Read more »

Summer Treats which Won’t Stain Smiles

Summer vacation is here, which means if you have kids, they are home a lot more. This may also mean that they are eating more meals and snacks at home, giving you the opportunity to manage their nutrition a bit more. Take advantage of this opportunity, and not only do you stand to help your… Read more »