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Types Tooth Stains on your Smile

The older you get, the less likely you are to feel entirely happy with the color and brightness of your smile. For patients seeking cosmetic dentistry services, teeth whitening is among the most requested of all procedures, especially since whitening is so non-invasive. Dull, yellowed teeth can give you an aged appearance even if you… Read more »

Whiten Teeth: Count the Ways

There are so many ways that your teeth can become stained and dull. Beyond dark colored food and drinks and smoking, just growing older can lead to a yellowed or stained smile.  Over-the-counter teeth whitening methods may seem tempting but they can lead to unsatisfying results. Sure, you may see some brightening to your smile,… Read more »

Get your Zoom! On

It’s natural for your smile to appear dull and incur extrinsic stains as you age in the same way that your skin may wrinkle and your hair may go gray. You are entitled to make the decision as to whether or not you employ cosmetic processes and procedures to stave off the inevitable physical attributes… Read more »

Tea Many Teeth Stains

When it’s the dead of summer like right now, there are certain drinks that do a really good job of quenching your thirst. If you love tea, enjoying a refreshing, tall glass over ice on a hot day is about as satisfying as a drink can get. You do have to be careful not to… Read more »