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Have you Achieved your Summer Smile?

Summer is in full swing, and it seems that most people focus on browning their skin more than whitening their teeth when they go for their dream summer appearance. However, while excessive tanning is proven to make you look older than your years, whitening your teeth can actually make you look significantly younger. Perhaps you… Read more »

The Right Age to Whiten Teeth

In general, children are clean slates. As the years start to stack up, health problems of all sorts can arise. With the modern American diets of children, exposure to certain medications, and the general injuries that can occur from an active childhood, sometimes tooth discoloration can be an earlier problem than expected. We get this… Read more »

Teeth Whitening : Not Just for Stars

Picture your favorite movie star. Chances are, when they smile on the red carpet, their teeth are as bright as the flash bulbs from the cameras that are pointed at them. White grins are in. Somewhere along the line, whitening treatments have improved, and smiles that are brightened multiple shades have become an attainable cosmetic… Read more »