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White Teeth for the Summer

Even if the calendar says it’s still technically spring, it’s sure starting to feel like summer with the sun shining bright outside. But does your grin match? Teeth will become duller and incur extrinsic stains as you age, especially depending on your lifestyle. If you are wondering about possible cosmetic procedures to offer you a… Read more »

Curb Oral Cancer Rates with World No Tobacco Day

  World No Tobacco Day was created to bring health issues from tobacco use to light. Stressing the health damage potential of tobacco addiction, World No Tobacco Day (organized by the World Health Organization) wishes to combat the preventable death and diseases that more often befall regular tobacco users. There are other compelling reasons to… Read more »

White Smile Potential for Men

The Academy of General Dentistry (AGD) once implemented a poll to general dentists, finding that men are less likely to stick to their regular dental check-up schedule than their female counterparts. The number of men going to the dentist is on the rise, but the motivation behind these dental visits is not overall health. Dr…. Read more »

Such a Thing As Too Much Teeth Whitening?

White smiles are in. More and more, patients are turning to their dentists for help to reverse discoloration caused by smoking, wine, coffee and/or time. Whitening options for teeth have come a long way, but cosmetic procedures should never be abused. Dr. Brent A. Engelberg will talk more about enjoying the benefits of teeth whitening… Read more »