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What to Do When Teeth Whitening Fails

Teeth whitening is a very commonly requested cosmetic dental service in this day-and-age. People have come to discover that teeth whitening isn’t only for movie stars. By whitening teeth, one’s appearance can look years younger. Demand has yielded many products available to the general public. Some can be procured at your corner drugstore, but may… Read more »

Three Reasons to Choose Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are a very versatile and popular method of covering up flaws in your smile. Consisting of thin discs made out of durable, translucent, tooth-like porcelain, veneers used to be a temporary fix to change the look of film actors on screen. Materials, methods and adhesion have come a long way so that Dr…. Read more »

Answers to Questions about Teeth Whitening

There’s a big list of reasons why you might seek a cosmetic dentist. Are you tired of your smile looking dull and stained? Do you feel like your broken teeth are a distraction to others when you smile at them? Are the craze lines in your tooth enamel driving you crazy? Once a healthy foundation… Read more »

Keeping Whitened Teeth White

There are multiple ways to deal with extreme cosmetic dental flaws. Increasingly popular are porcelain veneers, which can cover up multiple dental issues all at once, including deep stains. However, for regular dulling and yellowing of your smile, teeth whitening is a very simple and fast way to bring life back to your smile. You… Read more »