Tea Many Teeth Stains

White Teeth WomanWhen it’s the dead of summer like right now, there are certain drinks that do a really good job of quenching your thirst. If you love tea, enjoying a refreshing, tall glass over ice on a hot day is about as satisfying as a drink can get. You do have to be careful not to drink tea in excess, of course. Everything in moderation, after all. If you really took it too far, you could end up like a woman from Michigan who drank a daily pitcher of iced tea throughout the day which was steeped with 100 tea bags. This over-fluoridated her system and left her with a condition called skeletal fluorosis. There are more realistic cosmetic dental dangers from tea drinking, however, even in moderation.

When Stains Happen

Tea for two and two for tea? Tea and coffee can be great social bonding elixirs. And even when the sun is beating down and hot drinks sound unappealing, both of the brown liquids taste just as good over ice. If you enjoy the all-day caffeine fix of drinking lots of coffee and tea, you may want to concern yourself with the eminent stains coming your way. Tannins in the beverages stick to teeth, especially if you have a little bit of plaque and tartar buildup. So what if the damage is already done?

Teeth Whitening for Tea and Coffee Stains

Never fear, fortunately tea and coffee drinkers alike can undo the dull yellowing of teeth exposed to too many dark drinks. Teeth whitening is highly effective for such stains. But there is one thing to consider if you opt for professional teeth whitening to deal with tooth stains: re-staining. If you go right back to your old habits of drinking tons of tea or coffee in the summers, your smile won’t remain as bright as the sun. One advantage to the iced versions of these beverages, however, is that you can easily drink them with a straw and avoid contact with your most visible teeth to prolong your whitening results.


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