So Many Reasons to Smile

Smiling Cute GuyYour cosmetic dental options are plentiful, and available from Glencoe cosmetic dentist, Dr. Brent A. Engelberg. If you live your life with a smile you are unhappy with, many aspects of your quality of life are likely to suffer. To enhance various aspects of your health, you should understand the importance of smiling. And if you don’t feel like smiling freely is a possibility, don’t wait any longer to arrange a cosmetic dentistry consultation.

The Smile Barometer

A smile is a reflection of your internal feelings. When life is going great for you, you might find yourself smiling all day long. When something terrible happens, you’re ill, or depressed, you’re not likely to feel much like smiling. However, if you can bring yourself to turn your frown upside down, you’ll actually release feel-good endorphins into your body. Believe it or not, a smile doesn’t even need to feel genuine to elevate your mood. Smiling gives off a good impression to others and can brighten up a house, office, or party. Smiles are contagious, and inspire more of the same in return. To put it simply, smiles just feel good.

Smile for Overall Health

How many muscles do you think are in your face? The answer is an astounding  5,000, give or take. We use these muscles to make a variety of different facial expressions. Many of these are based in smiles. Of all facial expressions, smiling actually tightens up your muscles for a more youthful appearance. Some people even participate in something called “facial yoga” to keep muscles tight, and many of these expressions involve a smile. Additionally, smiling has the potential to help with your overall health by reducing your stress, lowering hypertension, boosting your immune system, acting as a natural pain killer, and stimulating serotonin.

Visit your Glencoe Cosmetic Dentist

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