Second Opinions on Cosmetic Dental Work?

Smiling BlondeYou don’t have to trust someone just because they are a medical professional. Second opinions are your right. If you don’t feel comfortable with the treatment plan a dentist offers you for your necessary dental work, it’s fair enough that you might want to see if another reputable dentist concurs. If you are not feeling trustful of the diagnosis and the potential procedures which have been suggested, a second opinion is warranted. Take into consideration your own personal feelings and make a list of questions you might want to ask.

Q1. Will I offend my dentist if I go for a second opinion?

A1. If you do, they might not be the right dentist for you. Anyone who has been diagnosed by a dentist with a major oral health issue (especially oral cancer) should consider a second opinion. Medical professionals are human just like you. They can make mistakes and a second opinion is a good way to back up a diagnosis and ensure that you aren’t undergoing unnecesary treatments.

Q2. What is the point of a second opinion?

A2. Certain surgeries are challenging to recover from. Certain treatments are expensive or uncomfortable; even painful. There’s no reason why you should undergo an invasive operation or spend your savings on treatments if there might be alternatives. A second opinion isn’t necessarily going to change your diagnosis, but sometimes you can see if there are other options for you in terms of treatment.

Q3. Is a second opinion necessary for cosmetic dental work?

A3. Any time you feel uncomfortable with a dentist, or you feel like what they are telling you doesn’t ring true in your gut, seek a second opinion. Even elective procedures such as cosmetic dentistry can be big decisions in terms of your health and your pocketbook. Some dentists will cut corners, perform procedures on top of decay and infection, or use shoddy materials. If you feel like everything isn’t on the up-and-up with your cosmetic dentist, arrange a consultation elsewhere before taking the plunge.

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