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When Do You Recommend Dentures?

We have a variety of prosthetics to address tooth loss, including dental bridges and single tooth dental implants. However, these are mainly designed to address the loss of one to three teeth. What if you lose a significant number of natural teeth? In these situations, we may recommend either a full or partial set of… Read more »

Do You Need An Indirect Filling?

We employ dental fillings to address cavities. Made from a metal-free biocompatible material, these restorations can repair teeth and restore them to optimal health and function. However, should you have a situation that calls for more than just a regular filling, we may recommend a more substantial restoration. Do you need an indirect filling? How… Read more »

Quiz: The Difference Between Full And Partial Dentures

For minor tooth loss, we often recommend a single tooth dental implant or even a bridge, which can be secured with crowns or implants as well. But what about serious tooth loss? For those with multiple missing teeth, we may suggest a more substantial prosthetic. What’s the different between full and partial dentures?

I Have A Cavity, What Now?

Nearly all of us will develop a cavity at some point. After all, only between 1% and 2% of the nation is immune to dental caries. For the rest of us, cavities can mean discomfort and serious complications unless we seek treatment. If you have a cavity, what do we do? With a dental filling,… Read more »