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Do You Need A Full-Mouth Reconstruction?

We offer a variety of treatment options to help patients enjoy healthier, more beautiful smiles. Some, such as preventive treatments, are designed to safeguard smiles against the onset of common problems. Cosmetic problems can help improve smile beauty. Restorative treatments address issues with the function of your smile. But what if you require more than… Read more »

Quiz: Does Your Smile Need A Bridge?

What should you do when you lose a tooth? Well, in order to avoid potentially serious complications, we recommend seeing your dentist right away. To restore the health and function of your smile, we can provide a lifelike dental prosthetic. Does your smile need a dental bridge?

FAQs About Same-Day Dental Crowns

At one point, when a dentist prescribed a dental restoration, you knew one to two additional appointments would be necessary, not to mention up to two weeks of wearing a temporary. Fortunately, with CEREC all that has changed. Using CAD/CAM technology, our office can create custom restorations in a single sitting. Do you have questions… Read more »

How Do Dental Implants Work?

Losing a tooth can mean a number of possible complications developing, ranging from misalignment to loss of jawbone density (which can cause an older appearance due to facial collapse). However, we can help you avoid these serious complications if you see us right away to discuss tooth replacement. We can provide a strong and natural… Read more »