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Quiz: Ready To Try A Dental Bridge?

We’re always excited for the chance to help a patient rebuild his or her smile. Replacing missing teeth can be a boost for oral health and a patient’s appearance. For minor tooth loss, we often recommend placing a dental bridge. Are you ready to try a dental bridge to enjoy a whole and beautiful smile… Read more »

Can You Fix A Tooth In One Visit?

When a tooth becomes broken, or develops a serious oral health issue (such as a cavity or infection) then immediate treatment is necessary to avoid complications, such as premature tooth loss. Many patients assume that treatment will take multiple visits. However, we can fix a tooth in one visit with our restorative and cosmetic treatment… Read more »

3 Dental Implant Options To Rebuild Your Smile

We can use implant dentistry to help patients enjoy a full smile again. In addition to addressing minor tooth loss, we can also use them to secure a prosthetic. Even if you’ve lost a majority of your teeth, we can still help you enjoy a full smile once again. In today’s blog, let’s look at… Read more »

Quiz: What Kind Of Dentures Do We Offer?

Losing a tooth can mean an embarrassing gap in your smile. Losing multiple teeth can mean larger gaps, as well as poor overall oral health. Fortunately, we have dental prosthetics to address tooth loss, whether minor or advanced. What kind of dentures do we offer patients with tooth loss?