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How Do You Place A Tooth-Colored Filling?

With the holiday season here, many of us will be consuming foods high in sugar and other starches over the next month and a half. Which of course, means a higher risk of tooth decay. Thankfully, when a cavity forms we can place a filing to fix the tooth. How do we place a tooth-colored… Read more »

How Does A Partial Denture Address Advanced Tooth Loss?

When people think of dentures, they typically picture a removable, full set of replacement teeth. However, we can provide a custom-made prosthetic to help patients with a number of missing teeth, but not enough to require a full denture. How does a partial denture address advanced tooth loss?

Can Dental Implants Address Advanced Tooth Loss?

Whether due to poor oral hygiene or a serious injury, you may find yourself faced with the loss of multiple teeth. Advanced tooth loss can cause serious problems and require a tooth replacement, such as dental implant. Can they also be used to support a dental prosthetic, such as a denture?

Does Your Tooth Need A Partial Crown?

For cases of decay, we often recommend placing a tooth-colored filling. For more severe damage or advanced decay, we may place a lifelike dental crown (which we can create and place in one visit). However, occasionally we encounter damage or decay that doesn’t require a full crown and that a filling isn’t substantial enough to… Read more »