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Full or Partial: Which Denture Is Right For You?

Losing a single tooth can be embarrassing. Losing multiple teeth can be embarrassing, and a threat to your overall health as well. In situations where patients are experiencing advanced tooth loss, we may recommend a prosthetic to replace these teeth and return function to the smile. We offer two different options, full and partial. Which… Read more »

How Do Tooth-Colored Fillings Work?

If you have tooth decay, you need a filling. In the past, this meant your restoration would be made from amalgam, a metal that didn’t blend with your smile. We’re proud to say we can offer an alternative with composite fillings. These will actually match your tooth structure. How do tooth-colored fillings work?

What Restoration Do You Need?

Our teeth are strong. In fact, the enamel coating them is the hardest substance in the human body. However, that doesn’t mean your teeth are immune to damage or decay. When problems arise, we correct them with dental restorations. What kind of restoration does your tooth need? What specific issues can they address?

Quiz: When Is A Bridge The Right Choice?

We don’t like the idea of our patients going through life missing one or more teeth. In addition to the impact on appearance, missing teeth an also lead to serious oral health complications. For addressing more minor cases of tooth loss, we may suggest a bridge. When is a bridge the right choice for you?… Read more »