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The Best Replacement Teeth for Women?

What are the risks for tooth loss? Poor dental habits, nutritional choices, and lifestyle risks (such as participation in high contact sports) certainly factor in. Believe it or not, hormones can also exacerbate one’s propensity towards the loss of permanent teeth. Postmenopausal women with osteoporosis are considered the highest risk category for losing teeth. When… Read more »

Dental Restoration 101

You may dread the idea of dental checkups for fear that you might have cavities. However, if this relatively common dental issue should occur inside your mouth, you can rest assured that your dentist will be able to gently walk you through the solution to make sure that your tooth decay is remedied and won’t… Read more »

Do You Want Your Amalgam Fillings Replaced?

For over 150 years, amalgam (made of silver) has been used to fill the cavities in the teeth of people all over the world. Many dental practices have embraced the aesthetics, consistency, and durability of tooth-colored composite materials over the recent years. People who are highly concerned with their health and/or the environment see composite… Read more »