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Dental Implants Improve your Look

Have you lost some or all of your natural teeth, or has it been recommended that you get your unhealthy teeth extracted? Periodontal disease, injury, tooth decay, permanent teeth that never erupted – whatever the reason is for your missing teeth, we have a great way to replace them. One of the most incredible innovations… Read more »

True or False Quiz on Tooth Colored Restorations

 If you sport dental crowns or any such restorations in your mouth to reinforce damaged teeth, what material are they made out of? Many patients prefer their dental crowns and fillings to be fashioned from tooth-colored materials such as composite-resin or porcelain. Dr. Engelberg is dedicated to high-quality dental work which will be both functional… Read more »

Informative Facts About Wisdom Teeth

Even though most of us will have to deal with them at some point in our lives, there is much about wisdom teeth that the average patient doesn’t know. For instance, where did they get the moniker, “wisdom teeth,” and why are they so often extracted, if the general rule is to try and preserve… Read more »