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Too Much Tooth Space

The clinical term for a large gap between two of your teeth is a diastema. This is most noticeable when it happens between the top two front teeth, causing a common looking gap that some sport proudly, while others are ashamed. One of the first people to give diastemas a public forum was model/actress Lauren… Read more »

General and Cosmetic Dentistry Quiz

  To become a cosmetic dentist, one most commit to procuring a great deal of experience with general and cosmetic dentistry. Helping to design and create beautiful, natural-looking smiles when someone has previously been embarrassed by the way their teeth and gums look is a cosmetic dentist’s passion. Do you want to learn some of… Read more »

Ready for your Close Up?

With the new fall television season under way, if you’re a TV watcher, you may notice certain famous smiles which have been altered by cosmetic dentistry. Whether actresses, news reporters, or reality stars, the Hollywood elite likely feel the pressure to provide the public with a gorgeous grin. There are a great many people who… Read more »

Ready for a Smile Makeover?

You’ve seen all of those wonderful makeovers on talk shows or other television spectacles. Perhaps you’ve even witnessed friends and acquaintances on social media physically transform before your eyes. There are many ways to change the way you look cosmetically. One way that is sometimes a bit more “under the radar” but nevertheless leads to… Read more »