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How Tooth Bonding Does What Teeth-Whitening Can’t

Our blogs are designed to inform you about various cosmetic dental options. No one procedure is superior to another, per se. Sometimes, it’s just a matter of finding the right match for you. Teeth whitening is popular, but sometimes it’s not quite enough. One particular procedure – dental bonding – will not only brighten up… Read more »

Dealing with Post-Holiday Tooth Stains

The holiday season may technically be over, but you may be still feeling the effects of a lackadaisical attitude regarding what you ate and drank at all of those festive gatherings. It’s common enough to gain a few pounds of “holiday cheer” in November, December, and into New Year’s. Work parties, friend’s soirees, family fun… Read more »

Cosmetic Dentistry: Finding Hidden Smiles

Why should it be that women tend to smile more than men? Aren’t males just as happy as females, in general? What are men feeling so sullen about? Research studies point to the fact that women tend to smile as much as eight times more often than their male counterparts. Just because someone smiles doesn’t… Read more »