General and Cosmetic Dentistry Quiz


Question Mark ManTo become a cosmetic dentist, one most commit to procuring a great deal of experience with general and cosmetic dentistry. Helping to design and create beautiful, natural-looking smiles when someone has previously been embarrassed by the way their teeth and gums look is a cosmetic dentist’s passion. Do you want to learn some of the things cosmetic dentists know from their education and experience? Try this quiz.


Q1. True or false – Dental bonding is a simple and easy procedure.

Q2. True or false – Porcelain veneers will unfortunately never quite match the color of surrounding teeth.

Q3. True or false – Treatment for periodontal disease prevents heart disease and strokes.


A1. TRUE – Dental bonding is a quick cosmetic procedure which utilizes the same composite-resin material uses for white fillings. Bonding was created as a cosmetic treatment to cover up slight flaws which are minor enough not to require a full porcelain veneer treatment. The treatment begins by slightly filing teeth with a mild abrasive to prepare them. The bonding material starts a chemical reaction with your teeth so that the composite-resin essentially becomes a part of your dental anatomy. The entire procedure is usually complete in one or two dental visits.

A2. FALSE – Porcelain veneers can actually be color-matched to your existing smile. This provides nearly flawless continuity if you are not placing veneers on all of your visible teeth. Many patients opt for teeth whitening before porcelain dental veneers in order to get the most band for their cosmetic dental buck. Once your new veneers are in place, your cosmetic dentist will shape and polish the porcelain to match the appearance and translucence of a natural, beautiful smile.

A3. TRUE – Gum disease may increase your risk of heart attacks and strokes by as much as two to four times. This falls under the umbrella of a term called oral-systemic health. People who have severe periodontal infections are also at a higher risk for diabetes.


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