Want a Dental Filling that Doesn’t Stand Out?

happy with tooth-colored dental fillingIf you have a cavity, you won’t be able to ignore it for long. Once you treat a cavity, though, such as with a dental filling, you should ideally be able to forget about it and move on with your life. However, if your restoration is made from metal, as many fillings are, you could be reminded of it every time you see your tooth flash metallically in the mirror. For patients who wish to keep their dental treatment discreet, we often suggest treating cavities with tooth-colored dental fillings, made from an acrylic composite resin rather than metal amalgam. Besides eliminating the flash, the resin can also blend in discreetly with your tooth, and provide a more effective restoration in the long run.

Why “No Filling” Isn’t an Option

Unfortunately, rejecting a filling isn’t a viable option for keeping your smile beautiful. The restoration is designed to treat a cavity, which is the product of tooth decay and will only grow worse the longer it’s left untreated. The point of the filling procedure is to clean out the infected section of tooth to sanitize the structure, and then fill the cavity (hole) to reestablish the tooth’s strength. The filling material also serves as protection to prevent bacteria from re-infecting the tooth.

How to Hide a Dental Filling in Plain Sight

So, how can we save your tooth and your smile’s aesthetic appeal? By using tooth-colored composite resin, which can be tinted to match your tooth’s color and unique shade. Resin conforms more securely to the shape of your cavity, offering a tighter seal and a reduced risk of tooth decay resurfacing. If your cavity is substantial, we might also place a lifelike porcelain dental crown over the tooth after the tooth-colored filling is secured in place.


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