Heightened Quality of Life with Dental Implants

Older Folks EatingDental implants have a great many advantages when it comes to replacing missing teeth. One of the biggest advantages of opting for dental implants over other teeth replacements is the fact that they can last a lifetime if you care for them properly. There are plenty of other reasons to consider implant-supported dentures and dental implants. The main reason is simply that implants mimic natural tooth roots better than any other option.

Favorite Foods Can Stay

If you are the type of person who enjoys a good, thick, hearty steak, a sweet and crisp fall apple, or any food that requires effort in biting and chewing, you may be disappointed with dentures and removable bridges. Many people have dealt with their missing teeth by opting for bridges or traditional dentures, but they have to say goodbye to corn on the cob or chewing gum. If you don’t want to change your lifestyle over the risk of slippage and damage to your dental prosthetics, dental implants may be the ticket. Dental implants can stand up to all of these foods, so you can eat whatever you want, just as if you had a mouth full of natural teeth.

No Collapse

Facial collapse is a condition that results as a back lash of tooth loss without dental implant replacements. When your body stops sending minerals and nutrients to any part of your jawbone that is missing tooth roots, an unfortunate phenomenon will occur. You will experience a decrease in jawbone density, and an aged look to your appearance that you are likely to find quite disconcerting.  As bone density lessens, your cheeks and face will start to sink in. This is called facial collapse. So, if maintaining a youthful vibrancy in the way you look, or simply aging gracefully is your goal, dental implants can offer you satisfying results without a concern of sunken features.


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