Are One-Visit Crowns Too Good to Be True?

The process of getting a proper dental crown can take patience. Generally, a minimum of two appointments is necessary for preparation to the tooth, procuring a mold and measurements for the fabrication, and waiting for the crown to be made in a high-quality lab. Temporary crowns can be cumbersome, uncomfortable, and ill-fitting, and are usually made of acrylic or stainless steel. They serve as a one-size-fits-all cap over a tooth to get by while you wait for your next appointment. It’s easy to see why people are intrigued by the idea of a natural looking, custom-fit porcelain crown in a single appointment. Unfortunately, as Dr. Brent Engelberg, your Winnetka cosmetic dentist will attest, some things are worth waiting for.

What is CEREC?

The acronym CEREC stands for Chairside Economical Restorations of Esthetic Ceramic. CEREC is an undoubtedly innovative computer design tool and milling machine, all rolled into one. A dentist that provides CEREC crowns has the ability to prep, measure, and manufacture dental crowns with high-quality ceramic, right before a patient’s eyes. The process is minimally invasive, cost effective, relatively comfortable, and most of all, saves you time. But is CEREC too good to be true? (more…)

Give Your Gums a Lift in Glencoe

Our gums play a major role in the appearance and quality of our smile, in essence framing our teeth like a beautiful picture. A “gummy smile” is the way some people refer to the presence of an excessive amount of gum tissue. For people with this particular dental quandary, teeth can appear to be crooked even when they’re not. A minimally invasive laser procedure that is available from your Glencoe cosmetic dentist, Dr. Brent Engelberg, is called a gum lift.

Laser Technology Benefits

The invention and progression of laser technology has created a revolution in dentistry. Cosmetic gum therapy used to involve more traditional surgical methods, including cutting and sutures. This would usually translate into considerably more anxiety, discomfort, and a probable longer period of recovery. With lasers, a gum lift can be performed more precisely, and much less traumatically. In fact, the laser actually closes the tissue as it moves along the gumline, making stitches obsolete for this particular procedure. This leads to a shorter healing time and no need to take an extended absence from work, or disrupt your busy life. (more…)

Wilmette Cosmetic Dentist Balances Form and Function with Smile Makeovers

Smiles are universally known, but there are some cultures in the world where smiles are less freely given. In our culture, when someone refuses to smile, we usually assume that they are unfriendly, sad, or unpleasant. The truth is there are people who have been dealt an unfair hand in the smile department, and may prefer to come across as aloof if it allows them to hide the way their teeth look. There is a way to deal with tooth issues that range from restorative to cosmetic. Dr. Brent Engelberg, your Wilmette cosmetic dentist, will talk about balancing imperfections with a smile makeover.

What is a Smile Makeover?

Smile makeovers are an ideal solution for people that feel overwhelmed with all of the dental work they need. Whether time or finances are the concern, sometimes it’s just taking that first step to find out exactly what you are up against. If you have misalignment, overlaps, gaps, or crooked teeth, but also have decay and gum disease, a combination of procedures might be necessary. Root canal (more…)

Dealing with Tetracyline Stained Teeth

As we age, our teeth are destined to succumb to stains and dulling. This inevitability can happen much earlier, and to a much higher degree, with patients that have staining from medications such as tetracycline. Unfortunately, unlike the yellowing from coffee, tobacco, and dark colored foods, staining from medication is intrinsic (inside the dentin of your teeth). How does this happen, and how can you deal with it if it has happened to you? Your Wilmette cosmetic dentist, Dr. Brent A. Engelberg, will answer those questions.

Tetracycline Stains

Tetracycline is a very effective antibiotic. Unfortunately, through trial and error, it was discovered that when taken by pregnant women, this medication could have disastrous effects on the developing teeth of the fetus. Though these issues are not seen until primary teeth began to erupt, the discoloration is generally significant.  The staining usually begins as yellow in color.  As the teeth are exposed to light over time, the yellow can begin to darken to a brown color.  Many people with this type of staining have brown teeth in front because they are exposed the most to light when they smile. The same staining can happen when children under the age of 8-years-old take tetracycline. (more…)