Are One-Visit Crowns Too Good to Be True?

The process of getting a proper dental crown can take patience. Generally, a minimum of two appointments is necessary for preparation to the tooth, procuring a mold and measurements for the fabrication, and waiting for the crown to be made in a high-quality lab. Temporary crowns can be cumbersome, uncomfortable, and ill-fitting, and are usually made of acrylic or stainless steel. They serve as a one-size-fits-all cap over a tooth to get by while you wait for your next appointment. It’s easy to see why people are intrigued by the idea of a natural looking, custom-fit porcelain crown in a single appointment. Unfortunately, as Dr. Brent Engelberg, your Winnetka cosmetic dentist will attest, some things are worth waiting for.

What is CEREC?

The acronym CEREC stands for Chairside Economical Restorations of Esthetic Ceramic. CEREC is an undoubtedly innovative computer design tool and milling machine, all rolled into one. A dentist that provides CEREC crowns has the ability to prep, measure, and manufacture dental crowns with high-quality ceramic, right before a patient’s eyes. The process is minimally invasive, cost effective, relatively comfortable, and most of all, saves you time. But is CEREC too good to be true?

Disadvantages of CEREC

Dentist’s and their staff undergo a great deal of training in order to give you the best attention, care, and service possible. However, they are not ceramists, which is a skilled profession. When restorations are made by a dentist and their staff, attaining a well-contoured veneer can be difficult. CEREC restorations are typically polished, or lightly stained, but don’t offer the kind of tooth-color matching possibilities you get from a crown made in a lab by an expert. In short, fast dental crowns can be compared to fast food. That burger that took 30 seconds from paying your money to reaching your mouth might taste pretty good, but imagine how much better the burger made to order at the sit down restaurant around the corner might taste in comparison. Sure, there may be a short wait to get a table, but isn’t it worth it?

Dental Crowns from Winnetka Cosmetic Dentist

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