Who Doesn’t Want to Look Younger?

Happy CoupleSo maybe you’ve invested in all of the priciest anti-aging elixirs. You may have even opted for treatments such as Botox or other cosmetic enhancements to appear younger. However, if your teeth are stained, chipped, missing, or otherwise highly flawed, none of those other measures are likely to offer you the results you’re after.  Would you like to learn more about how your smile can help you look younger and healthier, thereby giving you an overall more youthful appearance?

Take Care of Your Teeth

You might be under the assumption that you can eat and drink whatever you want as long as you have good oral hygiene. Unfortunately, many foods and beverages can cause staining and dulling of your teeth. Your yellowing teeth issues can be even further compounded if you happen to be a smoker. Visiting your dentist every six months for a cleaning and checkup can help lessen the impact of stains. If you still want your smile whiter, professional whitening treatments can be given to you by your dentist, shaving years of the age you appear to be.

Teeth Whitening

Professional teeth whitening is certainly one great (and non-invasive) method to brighten your teeth and shave years off of your smile. Innovations have come a long way over the years. Most dentists offer at least one type of teeth whitening, but many have several options. They will generally fall under the umbrella of at home whitening with professional grade products, fast laser whitening in the office, or a combination of both.

Porcelain Veneers

If your teeth have chips, cracks, breaks, or deep stains that don’t respond to whitening, you might be a good candidate for veneers. Porcelain dental veneers can be bonded directly to your teeth to provide a more permanent smile fixing solution than teeth whitening. Veneers can also be utilized to cover over gaps between your teeth.


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