Multiple Solutions for Replacing Multiple Teeth

Older Couple SideHave you lost a few of your teeth? If so, you need a replacement option that will answer to your needs. Traditional dentures are a great choice for someone missing an entire arch (or both arches). Wilmette cosmetic dentist, Dr. Brent Engelberg would like to inform you of options which will work for smaller numbers of lost permanent teeth.

Partial Dentures

If you’ve only lost some of your teeth, partial dentures are still an option. Removable partial and full dentures both include an acrylic base which is dyed to blend in with your gums. Unlike fixed dental bridges, your surrounding teeth do not require alteration in any way, and you can remove partial dentures whenever you wish. Natural suction is usually sufficient for holding full or partial dentures in place, though you may want to keep adhesive on hand if you have a barbecue or dinner party coming up and you’re worried about slipping or dislodging your prosthetic teeth. Your partial or full dentures may require adjustments as your jawbone changes with age, but if you take proper care, any formation of dentures that you wear are likely to last for many years.

Avoid Facial Collapse with Implants

Losing a permanent tooth impacts much more than your appearance. Facial collapse is an unpleasant phenomenon which occurs when your body stops sending minerals and nutrients to the portion of jawbone where you are missing teeth. A decrease in jawbone density over years will result in your cheeks and face taking on a sunken appearance. Facial collapse adds years to the way you look. Beyond that, as your jawbone diminishes, more teeth will become loose and fall out eventually. If you want to keep as many natural teeth as possible and remain vibrant and youthful looking, dental implants are the only means of tooth replacement that can offer you these things.

Wilmette Cosmetic Dentist Improves Smiles

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