Replacing Old Fillings in Elk Grove

There are generally two reasons why people might consider replacing their old amalgam fillings: they don’t like the way the fillings look, and/or they are concerned about the mercury content in amalgam. Most experts believe the quantity of amalgam in a filling is too small to create health problems, but beyond the unattractive look of a mouth full of metal are other concerns. When there are temperature changes, metal can expand and contract, causing cracks and fractures in teeth. If you have interest in possibly replacing your amalgam fillings with tooth-colored composite materials, your Elk Grove dentist, Dr. Brent A. Engelberg, encourages you to read on.

Layering Composite Materials for Better Filling Results

Since the 1990’s, over 30 shades of composite materials have been utilized for fillings and other restorations. The availability of these materials has turned fillings into a restorative procedure with a cosmetic dentistry slant. Fillings that blend in with the surrounding teeth so that you are unlikely to even know they’re there are simply more attractive. A highly experienced dentist will know that layering the composites, sometimes in various shades, can provide better results that mimic the look of a natural tooth.  This process of layering can also decrease concerns of sensitivity at the site of the filling. Ever bite down on something cold with an amalgam filling?

Composite Materials Used for Fillings

Here’s a brief descriptions of two of the materials that might be used in a replacement of an amalgam filling:

  • Micro-Hybrid Composites: Micro-Hybrid Composites incorporate strength and polishability.  This composite material is known as the “universal composite” since it works for both anterior and posterior teeth.
  • Nanofilled Composites: Zirconia and silica particles make up nonofilled composites, which are similar in function and appearance to micro-hybrid composites.  Nano-composites are known for an impressive polishability, making the material both attractive and stain resistant.

Tooth-Colored Fillings in Elk Grove

If you are interested in replacing your amalgam fillings, Dr. Engelberg can consult with you on the best options for your particular case. To schedule an appointment, call our 60061 dentist office at 847-259-8030. We are happy to serve patients in Northbrook, Deerfield, Highland Park, Wilmette, Winnetka, Glencoe, Vernon Hills, Lincolnshire, Libertyville, Skokie, Evanston, Palatine, Schaumburg, Elk Grove Village, Rolling Meadows, Northwest Chicago Suburbs, and Northern Chicago Suburbs.