Physical and Emotional Downfalls of Life with Missing Teeth

DepressedThe rates of missing teeth in America have gone down over the years with better dental care options. However, approximately 30% of the working or retired U.S population has at least one missing tooth, according to the Silberg Center for Dental Science. The physical issues and psychological trials might include low self-esteem, depression, and embarrassment due to appearance and speech problems. Skokie cosmetic dentist, Dr. Brent Engelberg has had patients report a lack of desire to socialize and less success in the work place as a result of missing teeth.

Poor Self Esteem

One of the most common reasons for a deficiency in self-esteem is when you don’t feel physically attractive. Facial features are altered due to loss of teeth. Sunken in cheeks are common. The obvious visible proof of missing teeth is most prominent when someone smiles, and people are likely to grin much less when they are embarrassed by tooth loss. This will make interpersonal relationships difficult. Smiles are a natural mood regulators, releasing endorphins in your body. By avoiding smiling, mild to moderate depression is much more likely.

Speech Issues

Imagine how you might sound trying to talk without all of your teeth. Slurred speech or unusual pronunciations are big problems for many people suffering from tooth loss.  When you find that people don’t fully understand what you are saying, just as you avoid smiling, you could also find yourself avoiding talking. Someone who suffers from speech problems may have difficulty holding down a job or thriving in social situations. A person may feel forced into sticking with jobs that do not require them to interact with others if they don’t have a full set of teeth.

Replacing Missing Teeth

Fortunately, there are a number of methods to replace missing teeth. Full and partial dentures, fixed dental bridges, and dental implants are all option that are available to you from Dr. Engelberg. At your initial consultation, a thorough examination and discussion will help narrow down the best solution for you.

Tooth Replacement from Skokie Cosmetic Dentist

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