Palatine Cosmetic Dentist Examines Potential for Botox to Lift Spirits

BotoxIn cosmetic dentistry, we don’t just focus on teeth, but the overall image of your smile. This includes the elements of your mouth that frame your smile – gum tissues and lips. Some cosmetic dental practices take things a step further and offer Botox, so that your outer mouth can match the new and more youthful appearance of your inner mouth after cosmetic dental procedures. There has been some controversy over the years regarding botulinum toxin. Palatine cosmetic dentist, Dr. Brent A. Engelberg, will highlight some possible good news in terms of Botox side effects.

Botox Biography

A Washington area dermatologist by the name of Eric Finzi, is the author of a biography on the botulinum toxin. At one time a very feared poison, somewhere along the line and under the name Botox, this substance proved to be a miraculous tool for erasing lines on the face that bother many people as they age. Botox works by paralyzing muscles such as the frown-producing corrugators in your forehead. Many people don’t realize that Botox can also be very helpful for migraine headaches, problematic sweating issues, and several neurological issues.

Botox as an Anti-Depressant

There’s a new bonus positive side effect of Botox. Research studies (some led by Dr. Finzi himself) show that Botox can potentially help with depression in a more effective and safe manner than other traditional modern medicinal methods. This does not have anything to do with the surface coincidence that Botox might be virtually removing your frown-lines, thereby making you appear more happy and receiving more kindness in return. In this case, facial expressions are nothing more than a manifestation of a feeling. The real gift of Botox in mood lifting is likely a neurological reaction.

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