Will Cosmetic Dental Bonding Benefit Your Smile?

Lately, we’ve been taking a look at the cosmetic dental procedures we offer. Using our array of treatments, we can reshape teeth and help improve the shade of your smile. However, some of our procedures can address multiple concerns, and all in one visit! Will cosmetic dental bonding benefit your smile?

Frequently Asked Questions About Cosmetic Dental Bonding

Question: How do damaged teeth hurt your smile?

Answer: When you have a chipped tooth, then bacteria can bypass your protective layer of enamel, leading to a greater risk of decay and infection. However, repairing a tooth can protect you from discomfort and oral health complications. Don’t delay treatment for a damaged tooth, see your dentist as soon as possible.

Question: What issues can cosmetic dental bonding address?

Answer: We can use the procedure to repair chipped teeth, close any gaps between teeth, and mask teeth stains.

Question: What does placement involve?

Answer: First, we need to clean the tooth and remove any decay. Next, we gently etch the tooth before applying the composite resin. The etching allows the material to better adhere to the tooth until curing is complete. As the material cures under a light, the doctor can sculpt and mold the tooth. Finally, we polish the completed tooth for a more lifelike look.

Question: Can you also recontour the teeth in the same visit?

Answer: We can! Recontouring involves removing a small amount of tooth structure via buffing to correct pits or grooves in the tooth surface. As with bonding, this can be done in a single visit. If you have any questions about cosmetic dental bonding, or any of our other cosmetic treatments, then please contact our office today.


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