What Is Gingivitis?

Have you ever heard your dentist talk about gingivitis or heard commercials bragging about a mouthwashes ability to rid your smile of it? Well, knowing what this common oral health issues is (as well what you can to avoid it) is crucial for keeping your smile whole and healthy.

Causes of Gum Inflammation

Also known as gum inflammation, gingivitis can eventually lead to gum disease without treatment. The problem develops when the gum tissue becomes irritated and inflamed, which can happen as a result of family history, inflammatory illnesses or even certain medications. Smoking can also make the issue more likely. However, the most common cause is poor oral hygiene, which allows plaque buildup to form and irritate the gum tissue.

How Do I Know If I Need Treatment?

You may notice changes to your gums, such as redness, soreness, or bleeding when you brush or floss. If one or more of these symptoms sounds familiar, then schedule an appointment. We will examine your smile and measure the depth of the pockets at the gum line to see if you require treatment. Remember, we can reverse gingivitis to prevent the onset of gum disease.

Deep Cleaning and Good Homecare

Often, we reverse the problem with a deep cleaning. Also known as an ultrasonic scaling and root planing, we remove plaque from the teeth and roots. You can also help avoid inflammation with food oral care from home. For example, you should be brushing your teeth twice a day, once in the morning and again before going to bed. We also suggest flossing your teeth thoroughly each night. If you have any questions about gingivitis, including treatment and preventive options, then contact our team today.


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